Ordering is Easy!  There are three ways to order.

  1. Use our online ordering system on this website.  You may choose items al-a-carte by clicking on each item that you are interested in from the menu.  A new window will open where you will choose portion sizes, packaging options, and how many of that item you would like to order.  That item will then be entered into your shopping cart, and you can choose another item to add.  You can see the items in your shopping cart in the right-hand side-bar or by clicking on “Shopping Cart” in the top menu bar.   When you check-out you will sign-in.  Once you sign-in you’ll be able to save your delivery details and see recent online orders.
  2. Simply Email us at chefs@mealslikemagic.com.  Just type out a quick list of what meals you would like and email it to Angela.  She’ll take care of the rest and email you confirmation of your order.  Remember that there is a $100 minimum order and free delivery on orders greater than $150.
  3. Call in your order at 785-554-4524.  We are happy to talk with you over the phone and discuss all your options, along with us entering your order as we visit.

You will receive confirmation of your meal order (if placed online or by email) within 48 hours.  Meal orders placed during the weekend will be confirmed by the end of the day on Monday.

Once confirmed, we’ll plan your cook day and contact you around Friday to schedule your meal delivery time (normally Monday or Tuesday).

Payment can be made at the time of the meal delivery by check, cash, or money order. We can accept credit cards, but prefer not to as it costs us to process those cards. If you need to pay via credit card, please email us for details.