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Do you offer discounted health club memberships to your employees?

You need to offer discounted healthy meals to your employees.  It’s FREE.

Today, more than 81% of America’s businesses with 50 or more employees have some form of health promotion program. The most popular programs are exercise, stop-smoking classes, back care programs, and stress management tools.  Too many businesses overlook the nutrition side of weight management.

Obesity not only affects the health of employees but the health of your business. Studies have shown that obesity increases both health insurance premiums and health care costs.  Studies also show that obese workers tend to take more days off from work due to illness and can be more likely to suffer on-the-job injuries, which can lower productivity for the work team and company.

Businesses like yours must begin to look for cost effective and compassionate ways to address obesity as part of a complete corporate wellness program.  You have access to a unique resource to help employees reach their weight goals, Magic Meals Home Delivery.  We know we can help your employees achieve a more healthy weight because we’ve already helped countless individuals meet their weight loss goals.

Magic Meals offers three levels of support for your Corporate Wellness Program, and the first can be added to your existing Wellness Program at no additional cost to your company.

Discounted Healthy Meals

Cost: FREE


Magic Meals Discounted Meals Plan allows your management team to offer a much appreciated perk to your employees at no additional cost to your company.  Companies simply enroll their workforce with Magic Meals and each employee then enjoys a 10% discount on any of the meal services offered by Magic Meals.


Participating companies must have ten or more employees, post flyers describing the discounted meal service to your employees, and offer a voluntary “Healthy Eating for Busy People” educational seminar to your employees annually.  This educational seminar is conducted by Magic Meals’ experts and will present information to help your employees understand the simple weight loss philosophy that has worked for so many Magic Meals clients.  Attendees to the seminar will leave with tools to improve their eating habits even if they choose not to use Magic Meals.

Private Weight Loss Consultations

$100 + $30 per Participating Employee


This plan includes everything offered in the free plan, but takes your company’s commitment to employee wellness to the next level by offering more effective one-on-one weight loss consultations to your employees.  Individuals are understandably more comfortable discussing their weight loss struggles in a private setting.  Our consultant will schedule a day to be available to your employees at your location.  You simply invite your employees to schedule time for a half-hour consultation right at your facility during convenient times before, during or after your work day.  Our consultant will work with employees individually to identify past barriers to success and to create a plan that empowers your employee to take control of their health.


As above.

Holistic Health Classes

Beginning at $100 Per Class


People need to think about their health, and we offer fun and accessible classes to help your employees make their personal health a priority in their life.  We are prepared to offer the following classes, and we are always adding new classes to meet your workforce’s unique needs: Management Team Corporate Wellness Program Discussion & Design, Healthy Eating for Busy People, Menu Planning, Shopping Skills, Healthy Cooking Classes, Diabetic Meal Planning, Nutrition for the Ages, Food for Busy Kids, Group Diet Match Maker.



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