Our Magic Meals Home Delivery service is your answer to great tasting, healthy, affordable meals enjoyed in the comfort of your home without the daily grind of shopping and cooking. You don’t even have to schedule time to be in a store and assemble the food yourself or wait in line! We do all the planning, shopping, and cooking…and we deliver to your home!

During each cook day we prepare 10 – 30 individual meals for you. The shopping is done immediately before your cook day to assure the freshest available ingredients.  All the cooking is done in the state-licensed kitchen located in our home.   Each fresh-cooked meal is then frozen in our kitchen to maintain its freshness.

We deliver these freshly cooked, frozen meals to your home at a time chosen for your convenience.  Each meal has a clearly printed label affixed with re-heating instructions to make daily meal preparation completely stress-free while assuring fresh-cooked quality.

When you initially contact us, we will briefly discuss your needs and the details of our service. We can easily finalize the details of your first service over the phone in about 15 minutes. We know each of our clients personally and consider each a friend. The better we know you, the better we can serve you.

If you decide that Magic Meals Home Delivery can help simplify your life, we’ll schedule a cook day and a delivery time for your meals.   

Owners of Magic Meals Home Delivery, Stacey, Angela, Evander and Marley Davis.
Owners of Magic Meals Home Delivery, Stacey, Angela, Evander and Marley Davis.

If you decide to use our service regularly, as most of our clients do, we will simply set up a standard delivery day and time each month so you can rest easy knowing supper is not a problem.  Our family business strives to treat people like we prefer to be treat.  As such, we require no contract; instead, you order when you are ready for more meals.

Magic Meals delivers our home cooked meals in the greater Topeka Kansas weekly and the greater Lawrence Kansas area twice a month. 

We are a locally owned and operated business.   Magic Meals Home Delivery was founded by Angela Davis (Peckham) and Stacey Davis.  We have a state licensed commercial kitchen (just like a restaurant) in our home located in the country between Topeka and Auburn Kansas.