Each week, we prepare meals as ordered by each of our clients who choose to place an order that week (you don’t have to order every week and we have no contracts).  Each week you can choose from the current week’s menu (the menu changes weekly).

We do have a minimum order of $100 plus delivery and sales tax, and how each client reaches that minimum is up to them (though we offer lower minimum for first-time orders of $50). We offer free delivery with orders over $150.

New menus are emailed and put on the website on Thursday mornings, and orders are usually due on Mondays before 10 AM (unless we fill up prior to that time) we deliver the meals to your home the following Monday.

We can usually accommodate individual preferences and dietary restrictions at no additional charge.  For example, we often cook low-sodium, low fat, gluten-free, or simply no mushrooms.  Nearly all of our meals follow the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association.  We also offer the option to “Make it Keto” for most of our meals, altering the entree and side dishes to be lower carb and higher fat.  Our small family business has the ability to be flexible for your family’s needs.

We do the grocery shopping after all orders have been placed for the week to assure the freshest available ingredients.  Each fresh-cooked, prepared meal is then frozen in our kitchen to maintain its freshness. All the cooking is done in the state-licensed kitchen that is located in our home, and our business kitchen is inspected like a restaurant kitchen.

We deliver your Magic Meals frozen to your home or office. We will contact you ahead of time to arrange a convenient time for you on the Monday following the order due date. When we bring your meals, we are happy to help you put them in the freezer and we will quickly go over the thawing and heating instructions. Each meal has a clearly printed label affixed with the heating instructions to make daily meal preparation completely stress-free while assuring fresh-cooked quality.

We are a small, locally owned meal solutions business.  Our cook schedule does fill up some weeks. Our menu changes weekly and we encourage all of our potential clients to signup for our weekly menu email. (Click here to signup at the bottom of the website.)  We only use the email list for weekly menus, and we never share or sell your contact information.  By opting to receive our weekly email, you assure that you have an early opportunity to reserve your spot in our cook week.

~ Angela and Stacey

Owner’s Magic Meals