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  • We offer a Trial-Sized minimum order for First-Time Orders of $50 + $10 Delivery Fee + Sales Tax.
  • Regular orders have a minimum order of $100 + $10 Delivery Fee + Sales Tax.
  • Orders of over $150 have Free Delivery + Sales Tax.

While the price of each meal varies with your choice of dish, portion size, and packaging options; in general, the regular minimum order of $100 will include 10 to 15 prepared and frozen meals.  An order of 15 meals will take up roughly one-forth of a above the refrigerator freezer or one tall shelf in a side-by-side freezer.


Magic Meals ready for delivery to a client.

No!  We treat people like we want to be treated.  In this case that means that you order when you need more meals.  For some clients, that means you’ll choose to order weekly, for others monthly.  Some of our clients order only during the winter when they don’t want to be forced out onto the ice, and others only during the summer when their young families are busy with sports and activities.  You order when you need meals!   If you’d like us to check in on a regular basis to see if you’re ready for more meals, we’re happy to do that, as well.

We offer two different portion sizes in most of our individual serving meals, to help meet each person’s specific appetite and needs.  Our full-size portion is a good, appropriate adult portion.  It is not overly large as most servings are at restaurants, where you often get way more than you need.  A full-size entree for menu items that are protein-based (meatloaf, chicken breast, pork roast, fish fillet, etc.) are about 6 ounces of meat before cooking.  For menu items that are mixed, such as casseroles or soups, a full-size portion is about 1 1/2 cups.  If you order your meals with side dishes, each individual, full-size portion comes with two side dishes of about 1/2 cup each.

Our small portion is 2/3 the size of the full.  Protein-based entrees are about 4 ounces before cooking, mixed entrees are about 1 cup in volume, and side dishes are about 1/3 cup each.

We also offer family-size pans, which feed 4-6 adults, depending on appetite. If you order a family pan with a side dish, you will receive one side that will feed 4-6 adults.  If you’d like additional side dishes, we can add them for $5 each.

When you order a meal with side dishes, it will be packaged in a tray with the entree of your choice and two different side dishes.  Most of our meals are available to order with side dishes, but they are not listed on the menu on the website.  The reason for this is because we personalize each client’s menu depending on your own needs and preferences.  When you place your first order, we will ask if you have any food allergies or medical restrictions we need to know about when cooking for you.  We will also ask if there are any vegetables or other foods you just don’t like, so we can make other choices for you that better fit your preferences.

When you order a meal with side dishes, it will be packaged in a tray with the entree of your choice and two different side dishes.  If you don’t have any particular requests or needs, these will usually be a vegetable and either a starch or fruit, as needed to create a well-rounded, complete meal.

If you have allergies, food restrictions or other preferences, we will make sure to choose items that meet your needs.  Also, if you are following a particular diet or eating plan and would like us to make sure all your sides are low-carb or low-fat, for example, just let us know in the comment section of your order and we’ll adjust your side dishes accordingly.  The more we know about your wants and needs, the better we can personalize your menu for you.

Common side dishes include (but are not limited to) green beans, carrots, peas, broccoli, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, cauliflower, sugar snaps, vegetable mixes, spinach, fruit, beets, and lima beans.  If these or any other foods don’t appeal to you, make sure to let us know!

Magic Meals Home Delivery Family Friendly Packaging
An example of Magic Meals Family Packaging

We offer our meals in family-size pans, which feed 4-6 adults, depending on appetite. If you order a family pan with a side dish, you will receive one side that will feed 4-6 adults.  If you’d like additional side dishes, we can add them for $5 each.

Magic Meals is a small family business, run out of a state-licensed kitchen in our home.  Due to county zoning restrictions, we are not allowed to have drive-up traffic or signage for our business, so we must deliver all of our meals.  We will make sure to schedule a time with you that is convenient for you and works for your schedule.

You can place your order online, by email or over the phone.  The online ordering system exists for your convenience, and if you would rather order by email or by phone, that is just fine with us!  All orders are sent to Angela and she enters them into a separate menu software.  If you order by email, just list the items that sound good to you, how many of each you’d like, indicate small or full-size portions and whether you’d like side dishes or not.  If Angela has any questions, she’ll reply to your email.  Once the details are worked out, she’ll send you an order total for your approval.

We are more than happy to take your order over the phone, as well.  We have many clients who don’t use computers, and Angela often goes over the menu options with clients over the phone.  In usually less than 10 minutes, she can take down your preferences and have your menu all set for you.  This is especially nice if you have any questions or want to discuss special dietary needs.  We’re here to simplify your life, so please order however is most convenient for you!

Absolutely!  We regularly cook for people who need low sodium meals.  Our standard preparation is already lower in sodium than most meals in the grocer’s freezer case, deli or restaurants, since we cook with whole foods and control the amount of salt that is added.  We can leave out any added salt and avoid higher sodium ingredients (like canned tomatoes, for example, by substituting no-salt added tomatoes) in order to provide you with very low sodium meals.  Of course, menu items with ingredients such as ham, which is itself very high in sodium, are not within our control.  Depending on the recipe, though, we can often leave out particular ingredients in order to meet your needs.  Make sure to mention your specific needs and we’ll make sure to prepare your meals as you want them.

Yes, we do! Magic Meals specializes in healthy, homestyle meals, and we pride ourselves on meeting each of our clients individual needs. Over the years, we have worked with many specialized diets, medical restrictions and food intolerances. The most commonly requested are diabetic, heart healthy and low sodium diets, followed closely by gluten-free meals. We can meet all these needs easily within our standard menu offerings, often without changes or substitutions, as our menus are focused on whole, unprocessed foods and meals made with lean meats, lots of vegetables, whole grains and good fats. Make sure to mention your needs and we’ll ensure your meals are made to your specifications.


Dairy free and/or vegetarian meals are also a common request. Each week there are several menu items that either are or can easily be made dairy free or vegetarian.


We have also helped people to adhere to other, very particular diets by creating meals just for them that are not on our regular menus. Prices for such specialization varies. Give us a call and we’ll talk about how we can help you!

Yes, we can!  The majority of Magic Meals menu items meet the American Diabetic Association’s guidelines for healthy eating, focusing on lean meats, lots of vegetables, whole grains and good fats. We do not use refined sugar and pasta dishes are prepared with whole wheat pasta (or gluten-free on request!).  If you would like to avoid all sugars (including honey, maple syrup, etc.) or limit carbohydrates like starchy side dishes, we are happy to do so.  Let us know what you need and we’ll make sure to set up your meals the way you want them.

Yes, we can!  In our experience, most people who have been put on a heart healthy diet by their doctor have been instructed to limit sodium, limit fat and/or limit saturated fat.

Our meals are also much lower in sodium than prepared meals from the grocer’s freezer, deli, or restaurants. We can reduce the sodium content even more by preparing your meals with no salt added. Since we cook with whole foods, we control the sodium level and can prepare your meals as you need.

We do not use any kind of trans fats in our meals, and we use wholesome, unprocessed fats, including olive oil.  If you would like to limit your fat intake, we can help in any number of ways, including choosing the leanest protein options, leaving out cheese and eliminating added fat in side dishes, to name a few.  Let us know what you need and we will make sure to set up your meals the way you’d like!

Magic Meals has years of experience with gluten-free cooking and we offer prepared gluten free meals for delivery in the greater Topeka and Lawrence Kansas area.  We have cooked for clients with Celiac disease for over ten years, and our daughter must avoid gluten due to an intolerance. All of our meals use gluten-free ingredients with the exception of pasta dishes, and those can be prepared with gluten-free pasta on request. We prepare gluten-free pastas in separate batches and there is no wheat flour in our kitchen, further reducing any risk of cross contamination. We take your health very seriously and use the greatest care when preparing your meals, whether you avoid gluten by choice, due to an intolerance, or because you have Celiac disease. Make sure to mention in the comments section of your order that you need gluten-free and we’ll take care of you!

Based upon our years of experience we are creating a list of the Best Gluten Free Ingredients that we use in the Magic Meals Kitchen.  We hope that you find this list helpful in meeting your gluten free needs.

Here at Magic Meals Home Delivery, we are very familiar with eating a Primal, Paleo, or Keto diet and we are pleased to offer such prepared meals for delivery. Our family has eaten a Primal style diet for years, avoiding refined sugar, processed oils, and grains, and limiting high carb fruits and legumes while focusing on vegetables, clean proteins, and good quality fats.  While there are limitless styles of such diets, many of our meals follow the basic tenants and others can easily be modified to be more Primal.   When you order, just let us know what your guidelines are and we will follow them.  This is particularly important if you are looking for Primal, Paleo, or Keto meals delivered because we need to include side-dishes that follow your guidelines.

We’ve also added a FAQ that includes a list of the Best Primal / Paleo Condiments that might help follow this style of eating.

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