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Questions about heating Magic Meals. (5)

All Magic Meals are fully cooked when we deliver them to you, with the exception of fish fillets. Each meal has a label directly on the package that includes the heating instructions. In general, those instructions are for thawing in the refrigerator overnight and then microwave reheating of roughly three minutes at medium power.

Fish labels have directions for baking in the oven for roughly 13 minutes which will not only give you fresh baked fish but heated side-dishes. All fish meals are delivered in oven safe packaging.

Often when meals are dry after reheating, it is due to not thawing the meals and/or heating too fast at too high a temperature. Every microwave is different, and while we suggest 70% power for reheating completely thawed meals, it may be that your microwave would be better set at a lower power. Try lowering the power to 50%. Check the meal after two minutes, then continue heating for additional one minute intervals until hot. Whenever possible, stir the food to distribute the heat throughout.

Some clients like to add a little water, broth or milk before reheating to moisten their meals.

To assure the best fresh cooked flavor and texture, you should thaw your meals in the refrigerator.  Most of our meals will thaw in the refrigerator in 24 hours, though stews and soups will take up to 48 hours to thaw completely.  If you are in a rush, you may use the microwave to thaw our meals.  When using the microwave to thaw meals, plan on heating the meal in the microwave for 4 to 7 minutes until heated through with the power setting on your microwave set to “Low” or 30%.


Each meals is labeled with easy reheating instructions, and most are very similar.  For meals that are packaged in the black plastic trays, either remove the cover, or poke holes in each section of the cover before reheating any meal.  If the meal has bread side dishes included in the tray, remove those before reheating.  Most meals will heat in 3 to 4 minutes with the microwave set on medium-high power or 70%.   On the majority of microwaves, you will first select the time that the food will cook and then select the power level for cooking.  Once again, on most microwaves, when setting the power level you will choose either a ‘medium-high’, a percentage such as ‘70%’, or a numerical setting from one to ten such as ‘7’.   If your meal is not heated through after the first 3 minutes, put it back in for another minute, once again on medium-high power.

Meals that are packaged in clear plastic bowls are also microwaveable by the same method.  Just crack the lid and then microwave as above.

Individual meals that are packaged in aluminum pans due to their shape need to be removed and placed on a microwave-safe plate, and then microwaved as above.

Fish meals (tilapia fillets and salmon fillets) have instructions for the conventional oven.  These are the only meals we deliver that are not fully cooked, as they do not reheat well.  They will be packaged in oven-safe packaging, with instructions to place on a cookie sheet in a 350 degree oven for 12-15 minutes, or until the fish flakes when a fork is inserted.

Family-size pans usually have instructions for the conventional oven, and side dishes oven are reheated in the microwave or on the stovetop.


Sure.  The black containers we use are safe in your conventional oven (not a toaster oven) for up to 45 minutes at 400 degrees (be sure to remove all of the plastic cover before placing in the oven).  All other plastic containers we use are obviously not safe for either the oven or the toaster oven, but you can easily move meals into oven safe ware for reheating.  For the toaster oven, all meals need to be removed from our packaging and placed in toaster oven safe ware.  With most of our meals, you’ll get better results reheating in an oven if you loosely cover the meal with foil during reheating.


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