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As you know, our family has been eating Primal / Paleo for years.  For the most part, that means that we avoid grains and beans, eat lots of good quality fats and veggies, and focus on quality meats.  Such an eating strategy has not only helped us meet our wellness goals, but has been satisfying.   While many of the meals we eat are the same that we offer or clients, we are always looking for paleo condiments to round out our meals and snacks.  Below are affiliate links to some of our favorites, perhaps they will become yours as well.

Magic Meals has been providing prepared gluten free meals to the celiac and gluten intolerant community in Topeka and Lawrence Kansas for over a decade.  Our youngest daughter is gluten intolerant, thus not only is the Magic Meals kitchen gluten free, our entire home is primarily gluten free.   With years of experience, we’ve settled upon our go-to gluten free ingredients, which we believe are the best gluten free ingredients available and we hope these affiliate links help you too.


Most of these products are available locally at Hyvee or Whole Foods, but we’ve included links here for more information and your convenience.

There are many good gluten free flours available, but Krusteaz is Magic Meals’ stock Gluten Free flour.  From our experience this is the most versatile gluten free flour.  We use it to bread chicken breasts, thicken gravy, and occasionally for pizza crust.  This particular item is available for Amazon Prime (which Magic Meals uses), you can get a free trial here – Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


This is the gluten free pasta that Magic Meals uses. It takes longer to cook that whole wheat pasta, but we like the firm texture of this pasta and the flavor is very nice.




Here at Magic Meals, we are uniquely positioned to review home kitchen equipment and tools.  In our home-sized state-licensed kitchen, we cook at least five full days a week.  With 40+ hours a week for over a decade, our 20,000+ hours of cooking time preparing 100,000+ meals has given us the opportunity to test home kitchen equipment to levels that most can not.  Below we are going to begin to collect our favorite kitchen equipment.  Some are available locally, but for your convenience we’ve included online affiliate links where you can find more information on the tools we’ve used and love.

While we cook much like a restaurant, in our hearts we are still home cooks. Below are the Magic Meals kitchens’ favorite tools, gadgets, and equipment. Until we find better, we believe these are the the best home kitchen equipment available. Keep checking back, because we’ll keep adding to this list.

The Instant Pot is the best advance in kitchen tech in years and we’re happy to review and recommend it.  It’s amazing.  We have the multiple old style pressure cookers that we use for cooking and canning, but this little wizard is the modern day version of that old pressure cooker.  The Instant Pot, or InstaPot, is a programmable digital pressure cooker.  With it we can put a roast in, program it to cook that roast, then keep it warm until we’re ready for it.  We can make real bone broth for our family in just a few hours!  It’s as fast as the old pressure cookers, but is way safer and doesn’t need to be babysit.  We love this thing and it lives on our kitchen counter.


This is such an inexpensive and simple tool, but it’s a game changer in the kitchen.  For years we used steel wool to get the hardest bits off of pots and pans…then we found these.  Well, really we found one of these and it’s lasted for years.  It won’t clean a pot, but it will scrub the hard stuff off so you regular scrubbing pad will make short work of the remains.  It sames time, elbow grease, is easy to clean, and last forever.   Every kitchen should have one of these above the sink.

Once again.  Simple.  Cheap.   Lasts forever!  This is one of the best kept secrets in kitchen upkeep.  This little garbage disposal plug fits into the disposal opening to keep big chunks of waste from falling in while doing the quick rinse before wash.  Then, you can remove the big chunks and pull the plug out and use the soft rubber bottom edge to squeegee the little bits into the disposal.  It doesn’t clog up like the silver ‘strainer’ that came with your sink, and it has other uses.  Every kitchen should have this tool.

We try to avoid specialized equipment, but this ‘specialized’ tool has lots of uses.  This little wire pan gives us crispy fries, onion rings, hot wings, and more.  The copper makes it an easy scrub to clean up.  This is one of the few specialty tools who’s upside offsets it’s storage and cleanup cost.  Love this kitchen tool!

This might be the most expensive kitchen tool on our list of must-have kitchen equipment.  We are frugal, but after years in the kitchen, we know that the right tools pay for themselves quickly.  A dull knife is a dangerous knife. A sharp knife is a time saver.  We sharpen our chef knives at least twice a day, and we complete that sharpening easily, quickly, and reliable using this tool.  In just seconds, we have a knife that will shave the hair off of your arm, and more importantly, slice effortlessly through onions, tomatoes, chicken breast, and everything else that passes through our kitchen.  If you ever cook, you deserve sharp knives.

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