In just three easy steps you’ll have placed your first order, but first a few things to keep in mind.

  • You choose every entree, every order, and are never locked into a contract.
  • Our only requirement is a minimum order each time you place an order. $50 plus delivery and tax for first time orders, $100 plus delivery and tax for returning clients. Free delivery on orders over $150!
  • We choose side-dishes after all orders are in to meet the needs and preferences of all who place orders that week. If you have sides you don’t like or can’t have, let us know in the notes when you place your order.
  • You can pay online or pay with check or cash at delivery.
  • Orders close by 10 AM on Mondays, unless we sell out before then.
  • Meals are delivered the following Monday.
  • We’ll contact you on Friday to schedule your delivery.
  • Have more questions? Try these resources:

Step #1

Visit the Current Menu which is posted on the website at 10 AM on Thursdays. The link to the menu can also be opened from your Weekly New Menu Email.

Step #2

Click the entrees that look great to you. Choose Serving Size and Packaging Options for each meal you want and add them to your cart.

Step #3

Let us know about any special requests in the comments and then place your order!

Would you rather order by phone? That’s OK, too!
Call Angela at (785) 554-4524.