The Owners, Cooks, and Delivery Drivers

We are Stacey and Angela Davis and we’re the husband and wife team who founded Magic Meals Home Delivery in Topeka Kansas in 2005.  When you interact with Magic Meals, you’ll be interacting with one of us.  We take all the orders, do the shopping, prepare the meals, and look forward to visiting with you during your meal delivery.

Owners of Magic Meals - Angela Davis and Stacey Davis
The Davis Family on Vacation in Washington DC

We live and work in our country home between Topeka and Auburn KS.  We have two children, a big chocolate lab, a cat, chickens, bees, and a big garden.

Angela is the one you normally talk to on the phone as she takes most of the orders and schedules the deliveries. Her passions are family, health and nutrition, and she has a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition.  She does a lot of yoga and helps people around the world learn about Ketogenic Diets.

Stacey is the one you’ll most often visit with during deliveries.  He and Angela share the cooking duties.  He also does most of the website and marketing work associated with Magic Meals. His passions are family and business.

We love that our small family business supports our community while allowing us to stay home and raise our babies.

Life is good,

Stacey & Angela