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13. Free Range Eggs From The Magic Meals Homestead

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These are the best eggs you’ve ever tasted. Our chickens free-range around our property during the day, foraging for real food, and they spend their nights protected in the chicken coop. In short, they are living a chicken’s dream life.

This gives our family wonderful eggs with bright orange yolks that are thick with nutrients that are just not found in commercially produced eggs.

Our eggs are farm eggs, which means that they vary in both color and size. The majority are large eggs, though some will be medium and some extra large with an occasional monster egg in a carton. We have eggs available in 12 and 18 packs, and we can bring them with your regular Magic Meals order.|

Frequently Asked Question

We do not use our eggs in Magic Meals. While the regulations allow small flock owners like us to sell eggs direct to consumers, those rules are not as clear about whether we can use our eggs in the meals we make for you. For that reason, we err on the side of caution and only use store-bought eggs in Magic Meals.

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12 Count, 18 Count