Thank you to our clients who share their appreciation of our family business, Magic Meals Home Delivery, with their family, friends, and now with you.  If you too feel moved to leave a testimonial we would be honored and appreciative.  You can leave your testimonial Here.

“Our family enjoys the peace of mind we get with Magic Meals, Quick access, healthy lunches! For an on-the-go household, we’re supporting local and feeling good knowing these meals were literally made for Us.  magic meals indeed. 🤗😘”

Robin - Real-estate Agent & Mom

“I work long hours and the last thing I want to do when I get home is make supper. This is why as I leave for work in the morning I take a container of Southern Tuna & Rice Casserole out of the freezer and place it on the kitchen counter. When I arrive home after work my supper is thawed and ready to pop in the microwave for 3 minutes or in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes (no preheating). Far better than fast food, but fast none the less, and so tasty it is addictive.”

Michael - Commuting Professional

“I hired Magic Meals for my father in Osage City, and the service couldn’t be better. There is absolutely nothing pre-packaged or “frozen dinner” about the food Magic Meals creates for their clients, and the menus are diverse enough to keep everyone from picky eaters to bonafide foodies happy. The ingredients are always fresh, healthy and locally-sourced. Best of all, the pricing is very reasonable especially when compared to Blue Apron or another “cook it yourself” service. I highly recommend giving Magic Meals a try!”

Jake - Son

“We have enjoyed the variety of the menus!!! When we have certain food requirements we are able to tell you about this and you are careful to eliminate that ingredient from our foods or add what we may need. The ability to choose portion sizes helps us a great deal. Thank you for this very helpful service.”

Melody - Weight Watcher Client

“Love love love Magic Meals!!! Healthy & real food prepared by the loving hands of healthy & real people!!!! 


“Stacey and Angela are wonderful. If you are a person that isn’t able to cook at home and need a change from dining out or if you have a family member that is home-bound and could use the nourishment. Magic Meals is the answer. They have the best food for a reasonable price. You can get it individually wrapped or family size. You just can’t go wrong ordering Magic Meals. The food is terrific and good for you.”

Violet - Business Owner

“We ordered magic meals for after the birth of our fourth child. We wanted to have the time to enjoy our baby while providing our family with a healthy, convenient meal option for those busy days / nights.

Kirby - New Mother