Are your meals organic?

We recognize the nutritional superiority of organic meat and produce, and we love that more and more people are becoming interested!  Quite a few of the pantry ingredients that we use that can be bought in bulk (things like brown rice, black beans, quinoa, chicken broth, and beef broth, to name a few) are organic, and we purchase organic produce whenever it is practically priced in comparison to conventional and seasonally available.  We are always trying to move more in this direction, and we are proud to now offer the Local Pastured Beef, Cage-Free Chicken and Wild-Caught Salmon items on our menus.  We believe these upgraded proteins are healthier and better tasting, but for many of our clients the cost is prohibitive.  As a very small business, we are always trying to balance better quality while maintaining a price for our meals that people are willing and able to afford.

Below are some of the ingredients that we often purchase organic based upon availability.  Many of the images below are linked to stores where more information is available.


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