I need a cardiac diet (heart healthy) meals. Can Magic Meals help?

Yes, we can!  In our experience, most people who have been put on a heart healthy diet by their doctor have been instructed to limit sodium, limit fat and/or limit saturated fat.

Our meals are also much lower in sodium than prepared meals from the grocer’s freezer, deli, or restaurants. We can reduce the sodium content even more by preparing your meals with no salt added. Since we cook with whole foods, we control the sodium level and can prepare your meals as you need.

We do not use any kind of trans fats in our meals, and we use wholesome, unprocessed fats, including olive oil.  If you would like to limit your fat intake, we can help in any number of ways, including choosing the leanest protein options, leaving out cheese and eliminating added fat in side dishes, to name a few.  Let us know what you need and we will make sure to set up your meals the way you’d like!

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