I need gluten free meals. Can Magic Meals help?

Magic Meals has years of experience with gluten-free cooking and we offer prepared gluten free meals for delivery in the greater Topeka and Lawrence Kansas area.  We have cooked for clients with Celiac disease for over ten years, and our daughter must avoid gluten due to an intolerance. All of our meals use gluten-free ingredients with the exception of pasta dishes, and those can be prepared with gluten-free pasta on request. We prepare gluten-free pastas in separate batches and there is no wheat flour in our kitchen, further reducing any risk of cross contamination. We take your health very seriously and use the greatest care when preparing your meals, whether you avoid gluten by choice, due to an intolerance, or because you have Celiac disease. Make sure to mention in the comments section of your order that you need gluten-free and we’ll take care of you!

Based upon our years of experience we are creating a list of the Best Gluten Free Ingredients that we use in the Magic Meals Kitchen.  We hope that you find this list helpful in meeting your gluten free needs.

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