When will my meals be delivered?

Generally, orders are due on Mondays, we prepare your meals to order that week, and we have them ready for delivery the following Monday.  We try to make all deliveries on Mondays, but if you are out of town that day or otherwise not available, we will make other arrangements that work for your schedule.  The normal schedule sometimes changes due to holidays, etc. and we will always post the date that the meals will be delivered at the top of the homepage on the website, along with the date that orders are due.

We make deliveries all throughout the day on Mondays, and we want to make sure that we find a time that is good for your schedule, whether you prefer morning, afternoon or evening.  We will contact you a few days ahead of your delivery date (usually on Friday) to arrange a time, to ensure that we find a good time for you and you know when to expect us.

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