What we did during our week out of the kitchen….

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It’s been a busy week out of the kitchen.

We planted more in the garden, started the process of saving some wild honeybees from a tree that they are no longer welcome in, did some community volunteering, updated the cooking schedule into the fall, and tried some new recipes for future Magic Meals’ menus.  Whew…

Now we are ready to go back to work.  Orders from this week’s menu are due by Monday May, 1 at 5 pm.   These meals will be delivered on Monday, May 8 in both greater Topeka and Lawrence.

This week’s menu continues the expanded format with some local and natural meats at the end of the menu.  These have been wildly popular, and it looks like they are here to stay.  We’re very excited about that.

If you have a dish that you’d like to see on an upcoming menu, send it to Angela or give it to Stacey during your delivery.  We are always looking for new and interesting offerings for our friends. You just might have the next wildly popular menu item sitting in your recipe box!

Sorry this is a short blog…the weather is beautiful and there is much left to do before we go shopping on Tuesday morning.

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