13 Choices & Primal Meals Delivered!

Magic Meals Local Kansas Pasture BeefPrimal Meals Delivered from Magic Meals in Topeka Kansas
Wild Sockeye Salmon Meals Delivered from Magic Meals in Topeka Kansas

Local Pasture Beef & Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon available this week!

Orders from this week’s Magic Meals’ menu are due by Monday, April 3 at 5 pm and those meals will be available for delivery in greater Topeka Kansas on Monday, April 10.

You’ll find a few changes in this week’s menu.  These changes were inspired by a growing trend of clients in the Topeka and Lawrence area asking for primal meals available for delivery.

Magic Meals has had a portion of clients who we’ve been preparing and delivering primal meals to for a number of years.  However, with increased interest we are going to begin offering some of these primal meals (also called paleo meals) on our regular menu.  As you look at the menu this week and in the weeks to come, please be sure to notice that some of added meals are offered at different prices to cover the additional cost of ingredients that include wild Sockeye salmon, local pastured beef, and cage-free chicken.  We are also offering these primal meals only with side dishes.  If the demand is as strong as we expect, we’ll continue to expand these offerings.

For those of you who are more budget conscious, we’ll continue to offer the normal versions of the Magic Meals that you know and love.  As with all of our menu items, you are always free to mix and match to form the perfect menu for you and your family.

Be well and stay dry in all this rain.


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