Magic Meals Home Delivery Adds Dessert!

Magic Meals New Menu for Delivery in Topeka & Lawrence Kansas

Orders from this week’s menu are due by 5 pm on Monday, March 12 for delivery on Monday March 19.  This is the last menu before our next week out of the kitchen.  Orders from this menu are available for delivery in both Topeka and Lawrence.

This week’s menu has a trial from something new and different for Magic Meals…Desserts!

Our friend and local baker (who is once again making our muffins!) has offered to provide desserts in the small aluminum packaging that we use for some entrée-only meals.  We will have a limited amount of these desserts. They can be added to any normal order and will be delivered frozen with the rest of your meals.  It’s worth noting that the desserts are not gluten-free (and they are not made in our kitchen to avoid any risk of cross-contamination) and they do use sugar, which is normally avoided at Magic Meals.  On the other hand, they are darn good desserts.

This week’s dessert offering is Peach Cobbler.  We didn’t order tons of it, which means we might run out, so order early.  Each tray of cobbler is $5, and there is a price break if you order more than one.

We also have a little of our local honey remaining.  Thank you to those of you who purchased honey last week to help finance the cost of replacement hives.  We truly appreciate it.  It’s very likely we’ll run out of honey this week so, once again, order early.

As spring is coming, the days of Magic Meals soups will soon come to an end.  We’re not done yet, though, and this week we are offering our original and popular Numero Uno Chili.  This is a hearty tomato chili with both beef and pork, as well as red beans.  This is not a spicy chili.

After our week out of the kitchen, orders will be due on March 26 for delivery in both Topeka and Lawrence on April 2.

Thank you again for your support.  We look forward to seeing you on delivery day.



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