More new choices for delivered meals!

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Orders from this week’s meal menu are due on Monday, April 10 for meal delivery on Monday, April 17 in both the greater Topeka and Lawrence Kansas area.

First, we want to thank all of you who ordered the local pastured beef and wild sockeye salmon last week.  The response was, quite honestly, beyond our wildest expectations.

As we looked at the orders, it became obvious that many of our friends were curious to compare meat from conventionally raised animals and more naturally nurtured.  While we welcome the comparison and we personally prefer the pastured beef, we hope you don’t base your judgment of the flavor of the local beef solely from the Onion Smothered Beef dish.  The onion sauce is so rich and flavorful, it might have covered up much of the difference between the two types of beef.   With that said, we encourage you all to try the more naturally raised beef again before making a final decision.

While we know that all of our Magic Meals are healthier versions of the meals that you know and love, we also know that more natural meat is better quality meat.  Do your own research, and we think you’ll find that grass-fed beef has nutritional benefits that make reaching your health goals easier.

In addition, by purchasing locally raised beef, together we are supporting a local farmer (just north of Topeka in the Seaman school district) and a local butcher (Farview Farms Meats).  And since this meat hasn’t been shipped across the country or across the world, as conventionally raised meats sometimes are, we are all reducing our impact on the environment.

However, if you find that the added benefits don’t outweigh the added cost, we understand and hope that each of you know that our family continues to cook for your family using the most natural whole foods available that fall within your budget.

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